Executive Director

Health & Human Services Industry / Non-Profit Organization

You bring the creative side to our world, one that not many can touch directly. We may have an idea or a thought but you bring it to life. You are in the business of bringing dreams to life or imagination to the surface.

Steve Zara

Business Development Manager / BHR Worldwide / BHR

You help us understand how we want our clients to perceive us and help us build ourselves into a brand. We work with you is because you radiate trustworthiness and you truly have done an excellent job every time we have called on you.

Hunter Torres

Business Communication Consultant / Enyeco

“…responded immediately to a last-minute need and quickly assembled a team to address it for my client, on time and on budget. I was able to completely hand the project over to her, knowing she would meet my client’s expectations with the requisite professionalism and talent. Being able to refer my clients to Visual Ingenuity for graphic design services increases my company’s value to those clients.

Michael Singer

/ Legacy Awards

“Thank you all for taking on the Legacy Award project and helping to make it a truly wonderful event… you really took this to the next level with your professionalism, time commitment and top notch work. We appreciate all the hard work you provided and even the little touches you supplied that were the icing on the cake.”

Marketing Manager

Marketing Department / Consumer Products Company

You have an understanding of what the value of our brand represents. Your utilization of visual graphics helps to build brand perception for a customer’s targeted audience and product base. In my opinion, content and images need to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of brand equity, and this is what you create with your business…the end product you provide is one of high quality.

David Gruber

/ David J. Studios

It is nice to work with someone who “Gets It”. The value in this ability is immeasurable, but something one should not overlook when bidding out projects. Price is not everything, results are!

Various Clients

/ Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations

… Visual Ingenuity’s work helps provide focus, clarity and a targeted message. … Visual Ingenuity provides a clean, professional look. … Visual Ingenuity helped bring light to how clients perceive [our] organization.