Visual Ingenuity’s unique approach provides focus and imagination to your branding and marketing needs. By developing a strategy to determine the most effective way to implement new materials, we help ensure that your organization’s business goals are communicated with the right message at the right time.

Brand Strategy

Not sure how your consumers perceive your organization? Or how your organization wants to be perceived?

Visual Ingenuity helps companies develop their brand by merging content and images into one cohesive element that connects audiences to organizations.

This approach to visual communication helps build your organization’s brand perception to communicate to consumers who your organization is and what it represents. Visual Ingenuity can give your organization a creative edge that ignites your brand and strategically positions your message.

Graphic Design

Visual Ingenuity’s graphic design services provide a means to connect with your audience through artful innovation. We offer a variety of methods and media for positioning your organization through visual communication.

When the right graphic design elements come together, you can influence your audience’s perception of your organization and inspire them to take action. Design elements set the stage for every marketing piece by catching the viewer’s eye and motivating them to learn more.

Visual Ingenuity uses graphic design to ensure a message is presented in a professional and unique way.  Our feeling is that form follows function, therefore the format, color palette, typography and other elements should all support your business goals and brand personality.  Our approach to graphic design helps illustrate your organization’s unique personality through visual elements.

Logo & Identity Design

A customer’s perception of an organization is often based on their first impression. How can you ensure that a first impression is sending the right message?

Visual Ingenuity works with clients in various business sectors and provides a strategic approach to help change the perception of an organization’s brand through visual elements.

Marketing Strategy

By engaging audiences with the right message at the right time, your marketing strategy can provide an effective and memorable technique for connecting consumers with your organization’s goals.

Visual Ingenuity provides a comprehensive approach to campaigns that creates a consistent understanding of the organization’s message across a variety of materials.

Event Marketing & Design

Visual Ingenuity focuses on event marketing and design that not only communicates what and when your event are, but why they are important. Whether you are recognizing important community leaders with a black tie gala or engaging the community in a 5K run, our design approach is geared to attract the support you are looking for with regard to sponsors, attendees, volunteers and key stakeholders.


Visual Ingenuity approaches copy the same way we approach visual communications – strategically. Our specialty is asking the right questions, listening, and distilling it into copy that reaches your business objectives. Whether it’s advertising copy, website copy, proposal copy or twitter posts we can help!

Web Design & Social Media

Web design and social media marketing can connect brands and consumers through a strong online presence and strategic use of emerging technology. A successful digital marketing strategy first examines past efforts and determines the best course of action to take clients from where they are now to where they want to be.

Visual Ingenuity helps clients realize the potential offered through interactive marketing by incorporating a user-friendly approach that provides an exciting, creative way to reach your audience.